Ian Morson
Medieval Crime Writer

The Medieval Murderers

The original Medieval Murderers were Mike Jecks, Susanna Gregory, Bernard Knight, and myself. We have since been joined by Philip Gooden, and Karen Maitland. Chris Sansom also joined us for a while too.  We banded together to promote our books, and the medieval period we all write about. We are happy, for a small fee, to talk to readers at festivals, and to budding authors at writers' groups etc. We are also available for promotions in bookshops.

Bernard Knight writes (amongst many other things) about the 1190s and Crowner John. I fit in the 1260s, with William Falconer, and the Nick Zuliani series set in the Mongol Empire. Mike Jecks' books are set in the 1320s, and his protagonist is Sir Baldwin Furnshill, and Karen Maitland also writes about the 14th century. Susanna Gregory writes about the 1350s, and Matthew Bartholomew's exploits. Philip Gooden writes about Nick Revill in the Shakespearean age.

Since 2005, we have also been writing stories together.

Mike, Susanna, me and Bernard

Philip and Karen

Medieval Murderers books

Medieval Murderers books